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H.M.S Illustrious aircraft carrier facts

  • Tyne-built at Swan Hunter in 1982 the aircraft carrier H.M.S Illustrious.
  • Weight 20,000 tonnes.
  • Air capability. Sea Harrier fighters and Sea King anti-submarine helicopters.
  • Generators produce 14 megawatts of electricity.
  • 360 tons of fresh water produced per day.
  • Four Rolls Royce Olympus engines produce 100,000 brake horsepower.
  • Can care for 1000 men and women per day.
  • Fully equipped operating theatre with anaesthetist and surgeon included dentist, paramedics and nursing staff.
  • The two main galleys and ships bakery provide more than a thousand meals a day.
  • She has her own fire brigade, physical training staff and postman.